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Bio Pablo Palazzi Data Protection practice

Pablo A. Palazzi

Mr. Palazzi is a partner of Allende & Brea, a law firm in Buenos Aires, in the IT & IP Department. Before that, he worked as a foreign associate at Morrison & Foester LLP in New York. Mr. Palazzi obtained his law degree at the School of Law of Universidad Católica. In May 2,000 he obtained an LL.M. from Fordham Law School (New York). He is admitted to practice law in Argentina and in New York. 

Mr. Palazzi´s clients includes several Internet companies, social networks, online payment systems, hardware and software manufacturers, online retail companies, healthcare providers and manufacturer of healthcare devices, and companies in the banking, insurance, credit reporting, IT, retail and manufacturing sectors. 

Mr. Palazzi was involved in the drafting of the national data protection act and its regulations and the data protection law for the city of Buenos Aires. Mr. Palazzi participated actively in the assessment for adequacy by the European Commission of Uruguay and Argentina. He was also involved in the drafting of the Computer Crimes Act in the year 2008 and is a member of the Advisory Committee of the Cybercrime Program of the Ministry of Justice of Argentina. He has also been actively involved in the drafting of the data protection bill in the years 2017-2018 based on GDPR.

Mr. Palazzi has written several books on data protection matters including: “International transfer of personal data to Latin America” (Ad Hoc, 2003), “Credit Reporting Law” (Astrea, 2007), “Computer Crimes” (Abeledo, 2014), “Crimninal Privacy” (2019) and a comment to the data protection law of Argentina; in Europe Mr. Palazzi coordinated the book “Challenges of privacy and data protection law - Perspectives of European U.S. law” (Larcier, 2008), edited together with Prof. Yves Poullet and María Verónica Pérez Asinari.

Mr. Palazzi is a member of the editorial board of International Data Privacy Law (Oxford University), a founding member and current director of the Latin American Data Protection Law Review (annual law review on data protection, 2010-2019), and member also of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), where he was the KnowledgeNet chair for Buenos Aires for several years. Mr. Palazzi has also collaborated in the drafting of the Model Data Processing agreement at IAPP´s Privacy Bar Section. He has been a frequent speaker the CPDP conference, at PLI seminars in New York, the IAPP summit in Washington DC and the Privacy Laws & Business conference at Cambridge (UK).

Mr. Palazzi has been teaching a complete graduate course on “Data protection and Access to Information Law” in the Internet law Program of San Andres University since the year 2008.