lunes, agosto 01, 2022

caso OT v. Vyriausioji tarnybinės etikos komisija


1 August 2022 (*)

(Reference for a preliminary ruling – Protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data – Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union – Articles 7, 8 and 52(1) – Directive 95/46/EC – Article 7(c) – Article 8(1) – Regulation (EU) 2016/679 – Point (c) of the first subparagraph of Article 6(1) and the second subparagraph of Article 6(3) – Article 9(1) – Processing necessary for compliance with a legal obligation to which the controller is subject – Objective of public interest – Proportionality – Processing of special categories of personal data – National legislation requiring publication on the internet of data contained in the declarations of private interests of natural persons working in the public service or of heads of associations or establishments receiving public funds – Prevention of conflicts of interest and of corruption in the public sector)

In Case C‑184/20,

REQUEST for a preliminary ruling under Article 267 TFEU from the Vilniaus apygardos administracinis teismas (Regional Administrative Court, Vilnius, Lithuania), made by decision of 31 March 2020, received at the Court on 28 April 2020, in the proceedings



Vyriausioji tarnybinės etikos komisija,

third party:

Fondas ‘Nevyriausybinių organizacijų informacijos ir paramos centras’,

THE COURT (Grand Chamber),