miércoles, febrero 28, 2024

FACT SHEET: President Biden Issues Executive Order to Protect Americans’ Sensitive Personal Data

 Today, President Biden will issue an Executive Order to protect Americans’ sensitive personal data from exploitation by countries of concern. The Executive Order, which marks the most significant executive action any President has ever taken to protect Americans’ data security, authorizes the Attorney General to prevent the large-scale transfer of Americans’ personal data to countries of concern and provides safeguards around other activities that can give those countries access to Americans’ sensitive data.

martes, febrero 13, 2024

Prólogo a Derecho Laboral y nuevas tecnologías, de Lucas F. Tamagno



Es un honor presentar el libro Derecho Laboral y nuevas tecnologías, de Lucas F. Tamagno, una obra que aborda con minuciosidad y profundidad las complejas interacciones entre la tecnología y el ámbito jurídico laboral.