miércoles, abril 22, 2020

Sad news - Fordham Law Mourns the Loss of Professor Joel Reidenberg

The entire Fordham Law community is mourning the passing of Professor Joel Reidenberg, the Stanley D. and Nikki Waxberg Chair in Law and the founder of the Center on Law and Information Policy (CLIP). He passed away on April 21 at age 59 after a long and valiant battle with leukemia.
Reidenberg was a pioneer in the legal academy on internet privacy and cybersecurity. For three decades, he worked on a wide range of issues and questions, including the intelligibility of privacy policies, legislative protections from privacy harms, government surveillance in the name of national security, privacy in online gaming, student data protection, EU data protection efforts, transnational data flows, and algorithmic decision-making. Reidenberg founded CLIP in 2005, serving as academic director. Through CLIP, he and his staff, including Tom Norton ’16, the current executive director testified before legislators and policymakers around the world, published numerous reports, and convened conferences and roundtables on the major issues of the day. Previous CLIP executive directors, including Jamela Debelak and N. Cameron Russell ’13, now work in the U.S. and abroad on related issues. Reidenberg also played a key role in founding the Samuelson-Glushko Intellectual Property clinic directed by Professor Ron Lazebnik.   

Argentina: Linklaters Data Protected 2020

Colaboro desde hace años con Linklaters en actualizar la guía online de leyes de protección de datos de todo el mundo "Data Protected", acá esta el link al capítulo de Argentina.